Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Enderlein s system of the Bacterium cyclogeny

Enderlein s system of the Bacterium cyclogeny, which I contrary to E. K 1 i e n e b e r g e r less than complicates, but than logical product of its comparatively morphologic, bacteriological and zoo-logical studies regards, most likely as theoretical construction due to of single observations developed. Whether however its teachings correspond to the reality, should not be by any means said thereby.

If one reads Enderlein s Monographer with consideration, then one finds there so infinitely many problems of the Cyclogeny "completely" solved what from the above-mentioned demand already follows to convert its "final hitting a corner" immediately in the medical bacteriology into practice e.g. Diphtheria diagnostic -, to which after my conviction the life work of many researchers would not be sufficient. This statement is of extraordinary importance. She speaks to a considerable degree for that often expressed assumption that Enderlein s "Cyclogeny" owes its emergence to more the desk than the laboratory.

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