Sunday, November 26, 2006

The CX31 microscopes improve all-round performance and offer excellent cost-efficiency.

Advanced optical performance with excellent cost-efficiency.

The Olympus CX2 microscopes, which have gained an outstanding worldwide reputation in many medical and educational arenas, now evolve with new UIS2 infinity optics. The CX31 microscopes improve all-round performance and offer excellent cost-efficiency.

Outstanding flat images from PLCN objectives

The PLCN series of UIS2 objectives improves flatness dramatically, producing sharp, clear images right up to the edge of the field of view. Ideal for the 10X and 40X objectives so frequently used for inspection work, the flatness ranks among the very best in this class of microscopes.

Bright, even observation images

The illumination system employs a high intensity 6V, 30W halogen lamp for bright images. The aperture iris diaphragm with built-in condenser and standard field stop combine to provide bright and even illumination at all levels of magnification.

Rigid, durable construction for high performance and long service life

Construction quality is excellent throughout, with objectives, eyepiece,observation tube, revolving nosepiece, highly reliable rackless stage and other components all fixed firmly to the body — so there's nothing to come loose or fall off when the microscope is being transported. The highly reputable rackless stage is employed, and since the X-axis guide does not protrude, both transportation and operation are performed easily and safely.

For digital imaging (optional)
An optional adapter to mount Olympus digital cameras is provided to allow easy, costefficient digital imaging (sold separately).

Anti-fungus treatment

The treatment applied to the observation tubes, eyepieces and objectives, protects quality of optical parts even in high humidity regions

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