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Transformation phases (altogether 16) present themselves as follows:

Transformation phases (altogether 16) present themselves as follows:

1. Stage: Apathogen forms
Protit, prototype of the bacterium
2. Stage: Pathogen forms
Sporoider Symprotit

Bacteria; Staebchen or Kokkenform
Streptokokken, staphylococci
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Leptotrichia buccalis

The apathogene development stage develops only, if the accordingly sour environment is given.
The two most important Symbionts are A) the Mucor Racemosus Fresen and b) the Aspergillus the Niger van Thieghem; in all their stages from the virus to the mushroom. T
he appropriate bacteria forms of these Cyklod are A) Leptotrichia buccalis Robin and b) Mycobakterium tuberculosis.

In the Chondrit area this as physiological and innocuous, even useful, Symbionten in the blood and fabric of healthy humans live. As soon as the biochemical equilibrium of humans changes however, the Chondrite ascends in the higher phases and/or valences and accepts thereby a pathogen character.

This applies to some civilization-dependent diseases. Recovery to lower valences takes place only on sexual way via nuclear fusion with sufficiently existing apathogen Chondriten. This procedure is blocked with ill humans.

Prof.Dr. Enderlein created for this purpose the Chondritpraeparat Chondritin, with which a recovery of the pathogen valences running as nuclear chain reaction is introduced. The Erythrocyte, normal way memory of the resting Symbionts, accepts the so-called Stechapfelform in these cases frequently.

Most loading factor for the Ur germ, or also the Endobiont or also Protit, is before-all-hires wrong the way of life and thinking, so that the Apathogen can to develop to the Pathogen and be able diseased disturbances to be released. From friends to enemies. The naturopathy is anxious to let from enemies again friends become. In addition the modulators are used.

A most important condition: the patient must help!!!

The Cyclogenie kept until today despite neglect by the training medicine persistent alive. Today she celebrates a considerable national due to the rapid development of the dark field diagnostics and therapy like international Renaissance.

Micro organisms can develop in the Erythrozyten or from the sources of infection devitale teeth (dead teeth), dental herd without life, root granulome (inflammatory fabric) and intestine to develop, of where from the blood is infected over well-known haematogen and lymphogen ways. Both is supposed the case. If the intestine with purposeful cleaning cures and different Therapeutica is reorganized and afterwards by sporen, viruses, bacteria and mushrooms is free, the blood values improve spontaneously!!!

Nevertheless still another further, in the plasma, must be accepted free germ development, as Enderlein, from Brehmer and Hafeli to have always stated. But the blood pH value is responsible primarily.

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