Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weight-Bearing Low Impact Exercising

A Duke University Medical center report on the various factors that affect weight loss points to vigorous, sustained exercise as a key factor.

Estimates for the benefits of milder forms of exercise, such as a one-mile walk are imprecise at best, and often do not take into account factors that reduce their actual effectiveness.

Machines such as treadmills, for example, overestimate the amount of acids eliminated by 10-15 percent.

However, weight-bearing, gravity-fighting, low impact exercises like rebounding, isotonic weight lifting, dancing, skating, running, stair-climbing and whole body vibrational exercising eliminates the same amount of metabolic acids, in the same period of time, than gentler water-based exercises or cycling, although some make up for this by cycling for longer periods.

How skillfully you perform your personal exercise regimen affects the amount of acids you eliminate through the sweat glands. Poor technique may make you work harder and create more acid than you are eliminating and you'll quit faster and may hurt yourself along the way.


New York Times September 12, 2006

Rocky Mountain News September 19, 2006

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