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Dr Bigelsen Protocol - Cancer - Mold

The Truth as I See It: What Is IT?
Beating Cancer With the "Bigelsen Protocol"

©Copyright 1999 by Harvey Bigelsen, MD, USA
(Explore Issue: Volume 9, Number 2)

For the past five years I have been working as a consultant at the Instituto de Medicina Biologica in Mexico, where most of the patients have cancer. I have been asked, how can you beat cancer and all the U.S. researchers and physicians cannot? My answer is that in the U.S. there are approximately 600,000 physicians, who are some of the brightest, most intelligent people in our society. The problem is that they are not allowed to think for themselves.

All standards are set by academicians who are funded by pharmaceutical companies, to prove that their new drug works. These physicians, who only treat rats in laboratories, set the standards for the physicians who are out there in practice. Cancer is the Sacred Cow of the Medical-Industrial-Complex. To cure cancer would destroy their industry.

Also, frankly, they have no idea what cancer is all about. They remind me of the moron, who lost a dime on a dark night, and was looking 2 blocks down the street because that where the street-lamp was. On the other hand, Mexico has offered all the freedoms that a physician should have. The Medical Community in Mexico will totally cooperate with me. If I asked a Radiologist for 25 Rads, he says "Sure". In the U.S. I would be reported to the Medical Authorities for such a request. With this kind of cooperation, results improve greatly. It makes no difference what treatments I use, as long as the patient improves everyone is happy. If this cooperation and care were used the U.S., cancer would have been cured long ago.

First of all, let us examine what is cancer? Albert Szvent-Giorgi, Nobel Prize winner, father of modern biochemistry, stated "They will never find the answer to cancer unless they understand the meaning of life". All modern cancer therapies, whether they are alternative, or traditional, are based on the magic bullet concept. Everyone is looking for the single treatment to kill cancer, but it will never work! Cancer is not a mutation of one cell gone wild. Mutations are rare, and cancer is epidemic. Those of you who are involved in Terrain understand that cancer is a mold of the human body just like a mold of cream cheese.

Cancer spreads like a mold. If there is a green mold on the cream cheese and we cut it out, the next day there will be 12 more spots. The mold is not metastasizing; the whole cream cheese is rotten. There are no blood vessels or lymphatic vessels in a cream cheese. As a point of scientific fact, there never has been found a cancer cell in a lymphatic vessel. The lymphatic system drains waste products. If you have an infected tooth, the lymph node under the jaw will get enlarged. A woman with breast cancer gets enlarged lymph nodes in her armpit. The node is draining the waste mold growing in the lymph node that contains human garbage. If I throw seeds to asphalt, nothing grows. But, if I throw seeds in manure, they will grow.

Also, why does breast cancer go to bones, first? A woman can develop 20 spots in the bones and yet none in the lungs, liver, etc. There are a billion miles of blood vessels the human body. Just by the law of chance, if cancer traveled through the blood, some spots would develop in other places and not all in the bones. Breast cancer goes to the bones first, because the mold of breast cancer feeds on calcium. Therefore, the spread of cancer is not random. The mold can only grow in certain pHs and chemistry of the cells. Cancer can only grow when the cells are acid, the blood is alkaline, and there is poor oxygenation.

Now that we know what cancer is and how it spreads, the next of important thing to understand is how does the body fight cancer? Every day old cells die and new cells are being created. The natural death of the old cell is called apoptosis. As the old cell becomes weakened, its DNA and RNA start to break up. The body contains proteins, called cytokines. These are analogous to hormones of the immune system. One of these cytokines' key purpose is to seek out and destroy those cells with weakened DNA. Knowing these facts, I have developed over several years a multi-dimensional plan of attack against cancer. With the following 4-step program I have had some extraordinary results.

"Bigelsen Protocol"
Step 1: The Use of chemotherapy and/or radiation
This may seem repugnant to many purists, but let me explain. I will use anything to help my patient. Cancer cells have a faster metabolism than normal cells. The traditional system uses some of the strongest poisons in huge doses to kill the cancer before they kill the person. I use only the mildest forms of chemotherapy in very low doses.

The purpose is to not kill the cancer cell but just to weaken the DNA of the cancer cell and not to harm the normal cell. Traditional medicine also uses radiation. The standard dose is 300-500 Rads a day, five days a week, for five to seven weeks. I use no more than 75-150 Rads for 3 to 5 days. Again, just to weaken the DNA of the cancer cell. I monitor the dose by using my Darkfield Microscope and BTA. This procedure of chemotherapy and /or radiation is repeated every 4 to 8 weeks. If the patient is monitored closely, I have seen virtually no side effects using this method.

Step 2: The use of cytokines
I have been using a product which is a multi-cocktail of cytokines and probably various other molecules. The B-Lymphocyte is grown in culture and the supernatant extracted. This extract contains multiple different molecules, most of which is still unknown. The key cytokine produced by the B-lymphocyte is TNF-Beta or Tumor- Necrosis- Factor Beta. The purpose of this cytokine is to cause apoptosis of the cell that has damaged DNA. The dose that I use is measured in nanograms. The most familiar cytokines belong to the Interferon and Interleukin families. The exact effects and impact of many of these cytokines on human body still are not fully understood. Overdosage will cause a toxic shock syndrome. The dose that is used by traditional medicine is billions of times stronger than the dose that the normal human body possesses. Also, cytokines always work in a balance, and the use of massive doses of only one type of cytokine can cause many serious negative effects.

Step 3: This part of the treatment program is based on the philosophies of Professor Enderlein.
Now that we have killed the cancer cells that are present, we must prevent the cancer from returning. The daily treatments that I use are designed to stabilize the pHs and slowly bring the fungus/mold back to a normal symbiotic state by using the Isopathic remedies. It took many years for the mold of cancer to grow and, therefore, you must take your time step by step to slowly return the terrain back to a healthy symbiosis. If I can keep the pH of the blood at 7.35 and under each day, then the cancer will not grow that day. Most of cancer therapy is done in a state of panic. But, if you have patience, and daily monitor the case, your results will improve. By using the Isopathic remedies developed by Professor Enderlein and by understanding the BTA and Darkfield Microscope, the Terrain can be manipulated on a daily basis. I also use Homeopathics, Cell therapy (not the whole cell, only cytoplasmic products), and the philosophy of Homotoxolgy in order to strengthen and follow my patients closely. By using these remedies I can prevent the mold from spreading by increasing the vital force of each specific organ system. Mold will not grow in tissue that has good vital force.

Step 4: The life style and the stresses of the patient must be addressed and changed.
This is an extremely important step as it is the life style of the patient that created the disease. Hammer in Germany has demonstrated that there are specific emotions and stresses associated with each disease. Every single disease has its pattern, like a fingerprint or snowflake (I like to call it a BIOGRAM). For example, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Gary Cooper, Humphrey Bogart, etc., all had cancer of the lungs. The lungs de-tox themselves by crying. These macho men would smoke cigarettes instead of crying, thereby setting the terrain to become cancerous. Every single disease known to man has its own personality or BIOGRAM. In order to change the disease picture, we must change the personality (BIOGRAM) of each disease. This is an extremely important point to understand. There is only one cause of disease and that is "Consciousness". Diet, chemicals, poisons, etc. do not cause disease. Linda McCartney, wife of the "Beatles" Paul McCartney, died of breast cancer, and she wrote many books on vegetarianism. We are all exposed to noxious agents, yet, only some get ill and others do not. This concept of specific disease patterns (BIOGRAMS) I will write about in future articles.

A former teacher of mine stated "Miracles only happen when you know what you are doing. By the time that you see cancer the size of a pinky nail, the whole body is too far gone just to use only natural therapy". In order to treat cancer, you must have all of your weapons available in your arsenal that you can use. It will usually, take from 6 months to 1 year, at least, to be able to completely reverse a Stage 4 cancer into total " remission". Then, it will take me at least another year, to totally change the "Biogram" of the patient. The major problem, I believe, is that it is virtually impossible to treat cancer in the U. S. Since, the results that I have achieved thus far in prostate cancer have been so astounding and so easily reproducible, that I would like to propose a research project without walls. *Any physician who would like to join me in this project, please contact my office for further information @602-581-2988. (Prostate cancer is so easy, that I would like to be able to publish 50 cases of cure, over the next few years. That would really make the establishment stop, look and listen! I do well with other cancers, also, but prostate cancer is such a "gimme". My results have been 100%).

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation at this time to the Country and People (who are absolutely delightful to work with) of Mexico, for allowing me to be free to work and search for answers, without any restrictions. Also, my partner and dear friend Salvador Vargas M.D., who has worked with me side by side to create this "Protocol". I have often been asked, "Would you come back to work in the U. S.?" (I was thrown out.) I would equate this as if I would be Jewish in 1938 Germany and I moved to London, would I move back to Germany in 1942? Why would I ever return to the U.S.? I feel like I am in Heaven, already. I will only come back to work in the U.S. if they make me Surgeon General.

About the Author
Dr. Bigelsen is the first medical doctor to practice Isopathy or Biological Medicine in North America. He is a trained MD, was a trauma surgeon in Vietnam and helped author the law that made Arizona Homeopathy what it is today. As the first president of the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Board, he drafted guidelines and standards for the practice of "Holistic" Medicine that were precedent setting in U.S. History. He believes his successful political effort in Arizona, led to the Medical Establishment finding him guilty of defrauding the U.S. Government and its taxpayers of $70.00. For this "grave" crime, he was banned from practicing medicine in the U.S. and its territories. He now works in "exile" and in freedom in Tijuana, Mexico at the Instituto de Medicina Biologica.

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