Monday, October 13, 2008

Blood Analysis Explanations

Do you have healthy and powerful blood, or is your blood tired and weak?

Finding out could mean the difference between living a healthy, energetic lifestyle or not feeling as well as you should. By monitoring the condition of your blood, your health professional can assist you in "balancing" your blood by giving you dietary and lifestyle recommendations that, when observed, can enhance your overall health.

It is now possible to observe your blood cells through a special microscope, indicating conditions within your blood that can be negatively affecting your overall health. Using this dark-field microscope system for evaluating shapes and other properties of individual blood cells, properly trained health professionals have been able to observe some startling nutritional disorders. These disorders include some conditions that cannot easily be found by using the traditional method of blood analysis which detects chemical changes in the blood and also looks at profiles of enzymes and other constituents.

The advantage of Live Blood Analysis is that many of these disorders can be detected before standard blood tests can detect any chemical changes. Generally then, treatment can be more successful because these problems are discovered when they are still in their infant stages. This would be considered as true preventative nutrition.

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