Monday, October 27, 2008

Why do some humans remain exempted from diseases?

The researcher Claude Berne pool of broadcasting corporations (1850) explains in such a way: The environment of the landlord organism decides whether an infection illness concerns or not. An important factor is thus the life change and the nutrition. A controversy between two researchers supplied realizations also here (1892): Pettenkofer drank up a Cholera culture set by Robert cook, in order to prove to it that its theory of the infection ability with exciters is not correct by contact alone. For strong surprise Robert of cook got sick to Pettenkofer not to the Cholera.Large research within the range of the Pleomorphismus was done particularly via two well-known scientists: Professor Dr. Guenther Enderlein and Dr. Wilhelm von Brehmer. Both lived and researched until that 2. World war in Germany. Continue Reading >>
Dr. Enderlein
Dr. Brehmer
Dr. Brehmer - Test

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