Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ozone Therapy in the Internal Medicine


The treatment of hepatitis is one of the most important aspects of using ozone therapy. In this case a therapeutic effect of ozone develops both through its direct action on the virus and indirectly through its immunomodulating action. Ozone therapy is effective in treating all types of viral hepatitis - A, B, C, particularly its chronic forms.

Ozone affects the polypeptide chains of virus membrane therefore making it unable to adhere to target cells (hepatocytes) as well as changes the activity of reverse transcriptase enzyme involved in the synthesis of virus proteins and thereby blockades a reproductive cycle of virus (Freberg, Carpendale, 1988). The capsulated viruses are more sensitive to ozone as the capsule contains more lipids, which easily react with ozone. Additional supply of peroxides induced by ozone considerably intensifies the cell phagocytic activity always decreased in hepatitis. Read more...

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