Saturday, June 04, 2011

Can you mix fruits and vegetables at one meal?

Food combining--best to eat fruits on their own, or as a meal, not combined with other foods

The principle behind food combining is that different food classes require different enzymes, different rates of digestion, and different digestive pHs ( for proper digestion. If the foods of the different food classes are combined incorrectly, the specific requirements for their proper digestion tend to cancel each other.

For example, flesh foods require an acid media for digestion, whereas milk is highly alkaline, so it can neutralize the acid required for digesting the flesh foods. Fruit digestion results in the release of an alkaline secretion, which neutralizes the acid secretions, needed for protein digestion. Because of this, it is not a good idea to eat fruits and proteins at the same meals. Some foods are digested faster than others. If fast-digesting foods like fruits are held up in the digestive system for a longer time than necessary through being combined with foods that digest more slowly, fermentation takes place. For this reason, it is good for digestion to eat fruit and starches, which are digested slowly at different meals.Read more...

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