Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Olive Oil and Colon Cancer

Including olive oil in your diet may help reduce your risk of developing colon cancer, Spanish researchers suggest. Their study results showed that rats fed an olive oil-supplemented diet had a lower risk of colon cancer than those fed diets supplemented with safflower oil. In fact, the rats that received olive oil had colon cancer rates almost as low as those fed fish oil, which several studies have already linked to a reduction in colon cancer risk.

Adding olive oil to the diet has other advantages as well. There has been interest in the health benefits of olive oil for some time, but not usually with a focus on colon cancer. The cardiovascular benefits of diets higher in olive oil are well established in improving the ratio of good-to-bad cholesterol. In addition, olive oil does not promote the secretion of bile acids as many other fats do. Read more...

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