Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Microbe development after of Brehmer:
If itself the blood pH value within the ideal range of 7,2 - 7.3 finds, no microbe can develop further into the Pathogenitaet themselves in the environment and to spread. Only if the blood pH value changes into Alkaline from 7,4, seem themselves spontaneously from food proteins an infectious Dns rns (storage mediums of the cell) after so far not well-known regularities, either to sporen, Viroiden, viruses, bacteria or mushrooms develop further. In the dark field such development stages can be pursued.

The health is carried by 4 columns:
  • the acid Base household
  • the water regime
  • the electrolyte household
  • the respiration; speak oxygen admission

If one of the 4 columns comes into the imbalance, everything comes from the equilibrium; Illness takes its way!!!

It applies to consider: as so in the SMALL ONE in the LARGE ONE.

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