Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cellular disturbance can be caused by physical emotional, and/or spiritual stress;

Degeneration and regeneration originate from the same basic anatomatical element-which I call the microzyma," the term coined by Antoine Bechamp. There is a healthy and unhealthy form and function of every cell; Bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold are more evolutions of healthy cells, caused by a dist balance in the central electromagnetic balance of the cell ;e.g., red and /or white blood cell brain cells, liver cells, pancreas cells, lung cell etc. become the bacteria, bacteria become to yeast and/or fungus, and yeast and/or fung become the mold; I call one stage of morbid evolution Progenit crytococcu or "ping-pong ball." Under phase-contrast microscope it appears in the blood similar to white ping-pong balls, often surrounded by a dark haze of bacteria and other forms;

The morbid evolution of any cell has four stages, which I call the "Cycle of Imbalance. Cellular disturbance can be caused by physical emotional, and/or spiritual stress; Bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold produce acids when they ferment glucose, proteins, and fats; Acids are the poison an the expression of all sickness and disease; Red blood cells (non-nucleated) have the ability to de-evolve into blastema cells (nucleated embryonic cells) and become (differentiate into) any cell needed by the body for regeneration; e.g., red blood cells can become bone cells, muscle cells, skin cells, brain cells, liver cells, heart cells, etc. The de-evolution (dedifferentiation) and evolution cycles (differentiation) of red blood cells are triggered by electromagnetic negative charge;

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