Saturday, July 08, 2006

In pleomorphism, however, a so called species may be just a stage in the growth cycle of a family of beings.

Gunther Enderlein (1872-1968): Most of our giants also adhered to the principle of pleomorphism (pleo = many;morph = form). "Manyformish" is the idea that microorganisms (tiny beings"), such as a specific bacterium, can take on multiple forms. This is a change of function as well as shape. It is more significant than it sounds at first, because it crosses certain barriers used to classify different species. A species is defined as a class unto itself-fixed in its behavior, appearance, internal structure, etc.

In pleomorphism, however, a so called species may be just a stage in the growth cycle of a family of beings. Each member functions differently and looks a lot different from the others. During his 60 years of research, Enderlein verified a number of important and remarkable discoveries (1) one discovery pertains to a basic law of orthodox biology. This law states that the cell is the smallest unit of life. A cell is a capsule of activity in the body, having an outer shell or wall, and having a specific function-there are skin cells, brain cells, blood cells, etc.

There are about 75 trillion of them in the human body. Within a cell's wall, all the chemicals and components acting together make up life. Nothing within the cell is said to be alive of itself. But, inspired by Bechamp's pioneering work Enderlein also found evidence for a tiny biologic unit of life, which he called a "protit," living with cells. (2) He also found that the blood is not sterile. It naturally contains tiny life forms capable of provoking disease symptoms if conditions are favorable. This flies in the face of orthodox conviction. (3) He discovered that certain microorganisms undergo a exact, scientifically verifiable cycle of change in the form. He used the term pleomorphism to define the growth cycle, and believed it to be a fundamental aspect of all illness. As profound as the change of caterpillar to a butterfly, this evolution is even more fantastic, since it can happen quit rapidly (some times in a matter of minutes!).

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