Monday, October 30, 2006

What is cancer?

Good to Know Information:Q&A from Dr. Young regarding: Cancer

1) What is Cancer? Cancer is an acidic liquid from metabolism that spoils and ferments the human cell.

2) Is cancer a mutant cell? NO. Human cells do not mutate they transform and adapt to their environment. Some of the stages ofthis transformation gives rise to the birth of bacteria, then yeastand finally mold.

3) Is cancer caused by a virus, bacteria, yeast or mold? No. Avirus, bacteria, yeast or mold are biological transformations ofwhat use to be an organized healthy cell. Germs are not the causeof disease but the evidence of an over-acidic environment.

4) What is the number two cause of death in women? This would becancerous breast tissue. When the blood is charged with metabolicacids that have not been properly eliminated they are thrown outinto the fatty tissues.

When acids are thrown out into the fatty breast tissue this causesspoiling of the breasts. To prevent the spoiling of the breaststhe body buffers these acids with calcium causing breast stones ormicro-calcifications.

If the spoiling continues the body will encapsulate the rottingbreast tissue forming a tumor to protect the healthy tissue. Calcifications and tumor formation is the body's way of protectingitself and the healthy tissue from toxic metabolic acids or fromsystemic spoiling.

5) What is the cause of prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is acondition of systemic acidosis that has localized in the prostategland. Prostate cancer is the spoiling or rotting of the prostategland form over acidity. There is no other cause.

6) Is cancer a noun or an adjective? There is no such thing as acancer cell -- there are only acidic or cancerous cells. The wordcancer does not explain the true nature of the cell and what ishappening. Cancer is an adjective not a noun. Cancer is somethingwe do not something we get! Cancerous tissue is an expression ofpoor acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. For example, if yousmoke, the acids from the smoke will spoil your lungs giving riseto cancerous lung tissue. If you eat the acid sugar it will spoilyour breasts or prostate.If you eat meat, the acids (nitric, uric, suphuric and phosphuric) from meat will spoil and rot your bowels giving rise to cancerousbowels.

7) Are tumors good or bad? Tumors are good and are helping toprotect healthy cells and tissues from cancerous or spoiled rottingcells and tissues. Just like one rotten apple will spoil a bushelof apples so one rotten acidic cell will spoil a bushel of healthycells. To stop the spoiling of cells from metabolic acids the bodyforms a tumor and encapsulates the spoiled cells as a protectionfor the healthy cells. All tumors are made from fibrin the samematerial that clots are blood so we don't bleed to death. Youcould say, tumors are saving life from acidic lifestyle and dietarychoices.

8) What role does the lymphatic system play in cancer? Thelymphatic system is responsible for removing excess acids in thetissues out through the pores of the skin through perspiration orback into blood circulation to be eliminated through urination. Ifyou want to be healthy you have to pee or sweat your way there!

***Japanese researchers found that workers on rotating shifts werefour times more likely to develop prostate cancer than thoseworking regular hours, whether on day or night shifts.Shift work has also been linked to an in creased risk of breast andbowel cancers.The study, which examined more than 14,000 workers over eightyears, also found that night shift workers were at a slightlyincreased risk of prostate cancer. Eighty percent of the workersstudied worked daytime hours, 7 percent worked nights, and about 13percent rotated their work schedules from night to day.The reason for the effects for in creased risk for breast, prostateand bowel cancer may be linked to the over acidic foods and drinksingested by night shift workers which will also affect theendocrine system which regulates the body's energy needs.

American Journal of Epidemiology September 15, 2006; 164(6): 549-555
from Dr Young

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