Monday, January 22, 2007 - Live Blood Cell Analysis Course Feedback Testimonials

Hi Dr. Eddy and Aree,
Thank you so very much for taking such good care of us and sharing so much of your knowledge.

We are back safely on Friday and have been thinking of you and feeling so much gratitude for all that you've shared and also for our connection.

I have done some research online on on some good books, at least 20 or so books including the ones recommended by you, were purchased. Subjects on acidity/alkalinity, metabolic typing, oxygen therapy.

I have also been doing some research online for a pH meter. There are some really good ones, portable ones even, starting from $40-200 USD depending on what you get. I will have to spend more time to see which would work best for foods testing by giving the companies a call to talk over with technical support.

Still in the process of getting supplies to set up for live blood work. I am looking for a good slides and cover glass vender here, either locally or online. Also looking into ozonation units and units for H2O alkalinization. Much integration occuring as this trip has been so full. Thank you. Time spent with you has been life changing.

Thank you for sharing your passion with the Blood!
Much Respect,
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