Monday, March 17, 2008

No More Type I or Type II Diabetes!

I am so happy to share with you a pH Miracle case study for Type I Diabetes.

The story begins two months ago with a 6 year old child named Gabriel who was diagnosed with onset Type I Diabetes. Through Gabriel's parents I had the honor to meet and work with Gabriel to help him reverse this condition.

When I looked at Gabriel's live and dried blood he had all the markers for the condition he had been diagnosed with by his doctor - Type I diabetes.

The blood showed:

1) White spots on the red blood cells,
2) Targets in the center of the red blood cells,
3) Yeast cells, like candida in the blood plasma, and
4) A dark protein ring in the center of the coagulated blood, indicating bowel congestion.

I shared with Gabriel and his parents that diabetes starts in the bowel not in the pancreas. Balancing blood sugars has everything to do with restoring the alkaline pH of the small and large intestines by eliminating the congestion of undigested chicken, beef, pork and fish. I helped them understand that the major cause of diabetes in children is from protein not from sugar. I knew if Gabriel would clear his bowels of undigested animal proteins his blood sugars would normalize and "No More Diabetes!"

This is exactly what happened - Gabriel cleared his bowels and now has normal blood sugars and "No More Type I Diabetes!"

The following is Gabriel's story as told by his incredible Mother who had the insight and inspiration to look outside the medical box of current medical thought.

Dear Dr. Young,

Two months ago my husband and I were shocked when our family doctor informed us he thought our six year old son, Gabriel, had Type 1 Diabetes. The pediatric endocrinologist we were referred to was reasonably sure he had the disease .Although the specialist said we detected it early, he estimated that Gabriel would be insulin-dependent within six months. When we asked if there was anything we could do, the doctor assured us there was no way to prevent the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. We would just have to wait for the disease to run its course.
Our hearts were grieving for our precious son.

We immediately began learning all we could about Type 1 Diabetes. I am an R.N., and I have studied health alternatives and nutrition. I began scouring the internet and researching sources I have studied.
After considering many possibilities, Dr. Youngs's research seemed the most promising. Dr Young generously invited us to visit the research center as a case study for his microscopy course. He confirmed the Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and started Gabriel on the pH Miracle Living Plan or the COWS Plan as outlined in his book, The pH Miracle for Diabetes.

The day we visited the pH Miracle Center, Gabriel began drinking what he calls "green power". We began the alkaline diet immediately. His blood sugar levels dropped to within normal range and have remained normal. Gabriel says he feels so much better. Overall, his flagging energy has returned to its previous vitality.

Gabriel now tells everyone he wants to be a doctor.
He wants to help other sick people like Dr. Young.
We thank God for the pH Miracle Living program which has been and answer to our prayers. Thanks to Dr.
Young's dedicated research, our mourning has been transformed into hope.

Gabriel's Mom

The key to reversing Type I diabetes is the healing of the small intestine and the intestinal villi or root system of the body. When we have a healthy small intestine we can build healthy red blood cells which can then build a healthy body.

Very few people realize that sugar is a waste product of cellular degeneration or breakdown, not a fuel for energy. Think about it for a moment when you consider a banana as it ripens or ferments - it becomes sweeter with the acid sugar - it is melting into sugar.

This is what is happening to the person doing diabetes.
He or she is melting into sugar.

When we clear the bowels of protein and begin to build blood with chlorophyll, oil, alkaline water and salt we can expect only one thing - incredible health and energy and "No More Diabetes!"

In fact, if more people understood the principals I teach there would be "No More Diabetes" of any type in the world today!"

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