Friday, May 02, 2008

The Acid Nicotine In Tabacco and Chewing Gums Posion White Blood Cells

The acid nicotine, a component of tobacco smoke and chewing gums, can make the body more prone to out-fections and inflammation, a research team has found.

The study, published in Cell Biology, was led by David Scott, a University of Louisville oral health researcher.

Scott's team found that nicotine affects the production of one type of white blood cells, one of the body's primary defenses against infection and dis-ease.

White blood cells are produced out of red blood cells and body cells and the cells mobilize in the bloodstream to maintain cleanliness in the blood plasma and interstial fluids of bacteria and yeast. The researchers learned that white bllod cells tainted with nicotine were less able to mobilize in order to collect bacteria and yeast than white blood cells not exposed to the acid nicotine.

The researchers determined that the acid nicotine suppresses an important cell function that helps mediate bacteria and yeast and, at the same time, increases levels of exotoxins and myctotoxins (acidic waste products from bacteria and yeast) that promote the biological transformation of healthy body cells and tissues.

"Both of these findings partially explain chronic tobacco users' increased susceptibility to bacterial infection and inflammatory diseases," said Scott.

Although nicotine has been known to affect the immune response, this is the first study to examine how nicotine affects production of bacteria-collecting cells in the bone marrow and their mobilization into the bloodstream.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist at the pH Miracle Living Center, "the acid nicotine from tobacco or nicotine chewing gums will poison and paralyze the white blood cells for up to five hours.

When white blood cells are poisoned and paralyzed they cannot perform their normal activity of helping to maintain fluid purity and alkalinity. This can then cause increased acidic cellular debris in the body fluids causing blood and lymphatic congestion leading to poor circulation, light headedness, dizziness, cold hands, cold feet, irritation, and inflammation.

If the white cells are suppressed on a regular basis by continued use of nicotine containing products this may lead to more serious acidic symptomologies such as ulceration and degeneration of the tissues and organs leading to heart dis-ease and cancerous conditions."

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