Monday, August 18, 2008

Phase Contrast Microscopy or Darkfield Microscopy

Most of the detail of living cells is undetectable in bright field microscopy because there is too little contrast between structures with similar transparency and there is insufficient natural pigmentation. However the various organelles show wide variation in refractive index, that is, the tendency of the materials to bend light, providing an opportunity to distinguish them.

In live blood cell analysis, is the a microscopy technique used to understand and view the effects of improper nutrition and inner enviromental problems in the body.
Darkfield microscopy allows us to observe in the blood multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, bacterial stages of developments, toxicity, tendencies toward allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver & kidney deficiencies, cardiovascular issuses including arteriosclerosis.
Is it done by phase contrast microscopy is it more a viewing of the general contour of the blood cells in a manner not possible with other techniques. However, it does not illuminate the fine details as seen in darkfield. We are recommend only dark field microscopy for live blood cell analysis, because phase contrast microscopy is not able to determine the root cause of the body’s problem. The patient's can better see and understand the different formation from his blood on the screenis it done by darkfield microscopy. Continue Reading >>

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