Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Activation before a homeopathic therapy

by Peter Schneider

During the application of a homeopathic therapy it sometimes occurs that a homeopathic remedy, which was found as simile, does not work properly. A blockade makes the metabolism resistant against the homeopathic regulation. After application of an activating remedy the homeopathic therapy is then often successful. The activating agents are used in very low concentrations (D6 and higher); so an substitutive effect can be excluded.

Main causes of the blocking effect are among others a wrong nutrition, the disturbance of the intercellular communication by biophotons, and/or the formation of persisting immunecomplexes.

It has been known for many years that metabolic events occur under the emission of very small amounts of light. In the past, this light emission was thought to accompany chemical reactions, but now it can be demonstrated with enormous technical expenditure, that biophotons are of great significance for the intercellular communication. This light is ultraweak, but is shows a very high coherence similar to that of a laser. Continue Reading >>

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