Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cancer Treatment Update

Here are my updates and comments on recent developments in the treatment of Cancer following the 36th Annual Cancer Control Society conference, Sept 1 2008. Fortunately, also ACAM has Alternative Cancer, as the theme for October in Vegas.

There are so many newer developments that it is difficult to pick the optimal solution for a given patient without knowing a lot about their history, the extent of the disease, the family background, their belief system, and/or their ability to afford to pursue the many useful approaches that need to be considered. I am attaching an old research paper from Lancet about Gastric Lymphomas that dissolved with antibiotics for the associated H Pylori. I start with that example since I was at the 36th annual Cancer Control convention in LA over Labor Day and heard many great speakers again. Among them, I heard Dr. Tullio Simoncini twice discuss his work and his new book Cancer is a Fungus, A revolution in Tumor Therapy.

I was also present when Dr Douwes updated his work with Biological therapies including Hyperthermia.

When we agree that MANY experts have always agreed some INFECTION is clearly a major part of some, if not many, cancers then we can perhaps go the next step and agree that Clinical Microbiology today needs significant assistance to come into the new age of CELL WALL DEFICIENT organisms. Mayo Clinic now admits the difficulty in even deciding who has Lyme.

Then with Biofilm considerations and the potential for pleomorphism and the need to optimize the BIOTERRAIN, we can all admit we are still confused about which etiology we should focus on in developing treatment protocols.

Thus when I review my favorite new book, The Autoimmune Epidemic by Nakazawa, I favor my take on all this, and that is assume everything is multifactorial until proven otherwise. Then we can help all patients better with my code word FIGHT for your health with F for FOOD intolerances and deficiencies, I for infection, G for Genetics, H for HEAVY Metals and HORMONE issues and T or TOXICITY.

Then I feel we can use whatever the patient focuses on whether it happens to be POLY MVA OR IV VIT C or HAELAN or CARNIVORA for specific therapy. Most cancers can be followed with some blood tests from American Metabolic Labs, 954 929 4814 in Hollywood Florida, to make sure all parameters tested are improving, not just cancer markers but anti-aging markers including DHEA etc.

Using my website and the search feature there, insert the word CANCER to bring up the work of Dr Kobayashi in Japan, where after over 12 years virtually there were no cancer fatalities. That leads then into my concepts of long term detoxification and no matter what anyone else believes, there are reasons that my programs deliver results using Doctor's Data month after month that other programs do not deliver!

There is no question but patients must be on the 4 ingredients I use in my Power Drink - Beyond Fiber, BioEn’R-G’y C, Maca and my Green powder. When the oral chelators, like Heavy Detox with over 10 synergistic factors and DMSA, start to work then my power drink will help to carry all the toxins out.

But since Cancer is HYPOXIC, I add my Beyond Chelation-Improved, as this lowers blood viscosity thus increasing local perfusion. This is in addition to Fibrinogen lowering with Wobenzym, 10 tabs tid, and its vital component of Rutin for its Iron chelation effects and Quercetin for its antiviral effects etc.

When you carefully review all the immune support factors available in realistic quantities in my Immuni-T2 for acute need and Immuni-T3 for long-term chronic immune support, you will not find anything elsewhere that even tried to compare. These have the optimal forms of Aloe and the real transfer factors and two kinds of Rodiola and the expensive form of Garlic that is proven to deal with MRSA etc.

Then we go back to infection. I like IV Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy and we will all need to get up to speed on this since no one but Dr Simoncini seems to have carried this to the extreme levels his research indicated were needed for many of the complex tumors he clearly documents major benefits in treating. I am certain that the benefits from long-term aggressive use of ACS 200 clearly outweigh any remote risks, as Argyria has never been reported with this form of silver, and resistance by any infection, whether fungal, viral or bacterial, has never been encountered. Thus, 1 ounce a day, which is 150 sprays, can be taken; 50 sprays every 8 hours for a month or more depending on clinical response and then reduce that by 50% for a month or two and then depending on response, reduce again by another 50% for long-term follow-up of at least a few months.

But, look to the use of Hypertonic Quinton Marine Plasma with the entire periodic table, as found in this deep ocean mineral replacement fluid, to start to restore the optimal Bioterrain.

Meanwhile ACZ Nano (Zeolite) is increasingly gaining widespread recognition for clear-cut Detox effects, even when used topically on Acne. It can be taken near or with the ACS 200 but perhaps ideally warrants an hour or two away from Quinton, and these three fluid supplements can best be taken on an empty stomach, as Wobenzym is, but those can be together without problem.

Fir Saunas now come in many forms, and the simple ones people can sit in with the head out are still very useful.

The acronym F.I.G.H.T needs to be reviewed regularly, as patients will willingly do all the above but giving up the food that they tend to be allergic or sensitive to for some reason seems to be addicted to is therefore the hardest for them to cut-out. This can still be the one of the toughest part of this fight for health. I am convinced, therefore, that many should spent the time going into an intensive program, as that offered by the Klinic St George in Bad Abling, Germany, near Munich by Dr Fredric Douwes, as part of their long-term plan to address all aspects of my FIGHT concept.

IV Vitamin C and Myers and SHORT PUSH CHELATION and IV/Oral mineral replacement with Quinton Marine Plasma are all extremely beneficial for any cancer or a simple anti-aging patient. I will speak with Dr Rowen at ACAM on Thursday Oct 16 during the all day special Oxidative Therapy Program. There are important new ideas to optimize the benefits from High Dose IV Vitamin C, starting with the simple fact that it works as H202 and SILVER added to H202 makes rocket fuel. Thus synergy in delivering Oxidative Therapies, including the use of Vitamin K3 etc, must all be considered while also AVOIDING CONCURRENT USE of antioxidants, at least for a short time.


Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

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