Friday, September 05, 2008

The Truth About The Virus

The following are several references on the definition for the word virus. You will note that the latin word for virus is poison.

The truth about a virus is that a virus is a liquid poisonous dietary and/or metabolic acid. It is NOT a microbe!

You do not catch a virus. Viruses are not sexually transmitted. The virus is an acidic waste product from an inverted way of living, eating and thinking.

From Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary,

virus, n.[L., poison.]

1. venom, as of a snake
2. (a) any of a group of ultramicroscopic or submicroscopic infective agents that cause various diseases, as smallpox: viruses are capable of multiplying in connection with living cells and are variously regarded as living organisms and as complex proteins;
(b) specifically, a filterable virus;
(c) the exudation from the vesicles of cowpox, used as vaccine for smallpox.
3. that which corrupts or poisons the mind or character; evil or harmful influence.

From Oxford English Dictionary

Virus [L virus slimy liquid, poison, offensive odour or taste. Hence also F., Sp. Pg. virus.]

In Lanfranc's Cirurgie (c 1400)77 the word explained as ' a thin venomy quitter' is merely taken over from the Latin text.

1. Venom, such as is emitted by a poisonous animal. (dated quotations)
2. Path. A morbid principle or poisonous substance produced in the body as the result of some disease, esp. one capable of being introduced into other persons or animals by inoculation or otherwise and of developing the same disease in them. (dated quotations)
3. fig. A moral or intellectual poison, or poisonous influence. (dated quotations)
4. Violent animosity; virulence. (one dated quotation)

From The Encyclopedia Americana, 1958

Virus, Infectious disease-producing agent largely characterized by small size and ability to reproduce only within living cells, that is a minute, obligate parasite.

Discovery of the chemical nature and crystallization of tobacco mosaic virus (the first virus acid discovered) by Wendell M Stanley in 1935 (Science, June 28, 1935) opened the way for purification and intensive study of viruses or crystal acids.

(Dr. Stanley brought Dr. Peter Duesberg to Stanley Hall in Berkeley in the 1960s. Dr. Duesberg wrote the book, Inventing the AIDS Virus)

Now, to get your heads on straight, there is a piece from "The Blood and Its Third Anatomical Element" by A. Bechamp

Pages 210-211.

"An eminent surgeon, M. Verneuil, ended by admitting as a demonstrated theorem that there is no spontaneous tetanus, that there is no spontaneous small pox, syphilis, glanders, hydrophobia, tuberculosis (tell this to the CDC and Mr. Speaker, the attorney from Atlanta diagnosed with TB and his Doctors), carbon or malignant pustule; declaring that the pathogenic problem consisted solely in discovering how and when the microbe, also called virus, come from without, penetrates into the organism; declaring that the question is thus stated between old medicine and the microbina medicine with extreme simplicity and without the least ambiguity."

"But these assertions (of Surgeon Verneuil) are reduced to nothing, when we call to mind that the pretended germs of the air are only the microzymas of organisms which have disappeared, which had become bacteria by evolution; that even at the Acadamy of Medicine I said--and no one ventured to contradict me on the nosological roll by taking the pretended pathogenic microbe in normal air, but only in the diseased animal."

I must say that I am indebted to both Dr. Antione Bechamp and Dr. Verneuil for saving ourselves and whatever is left of our civilization from the peril of a viral microbe dogma and from current vival medical treatments, for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Bottom line, the present of a virus or a crystal acid or a bacterium such as TB, is not caused by infection, but is caused by personal lifestyle and dietary choice.

The key to health, energy and vitality is simple - maintain the alkaline design of your body with cholorphyll, nascent oxygen, alkaline water, healthy polyunsaturated fats, and mineral salts.

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