Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kajander et al. 1994 isolated tiny bacteria from human blood

Kajander et al. 1994 isolated tiny bacteria from human blood. They can pass through sterile filters and endure g-irradiation like a virus ( 1 mega rad). Their size is between that of a virus and cell-walled bacteria. Their suggested name is “ Nanobacterium sanguineum”. They produce a slimy biomatrix that forms carbonate apatite mineral around them in culture (Kajander, 1998). Fig.1B,C,D Kajander et al. 1994 and Fig.4A, Kajander, 1998 show TEM photomicrographs of cultured “Nanobacterium sanquineum or sanguineum” similar morphologically to TEM photomicrographs of tiny bacteria we isolated from human blood (fig. 10a) called “basoplasmas”, Ruzicka ,1983. Our fig.3b show a nano – colony of these tiny bacteria, partly dividing and crystals between the bacteria comparable with apatit crystals we observed in dental calculus (Ruzicka,1983, 1984). We suggested that these nano – colonies are growing in erythrocytes, because we could see similar structures within erythrocytes by light microscopy.


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