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What is Chelation Therapy? Its Value & Effects

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Chelation Therapy is a safe, effective and relatively inexpensive treatment to restore blood flow in victims of atherosclerosis without surgery.

Chelation Therapy involves the intravenous infusion of a prescription medicine called Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetic Acid (EDTA), plus vitamins and minerals at therapeutic dosages.

EDTA chelation infusions are administered by slow drip, circulating through the blood stream treating the entire arterial system removing undesirable metals from the body. Some metals such as lead, mercury cadmium and iron are poisons. Lead and cadmium levels correlate with high blood pressure. Overload of iron can cause heart attacks. All metals, even essential nutritional elements, are toxic in excess or when abnormally situated.

EDTA normalizes the distribution of most metallicelements in the body. EDTA improves calcium and cholesterol metabolism by eliminating metallic catalysts which cause damage to cell membranes by producing 'OXYGEN FREE RADICALS'. Free radical pathology is now believed by many scientists to be an important contributing cause of atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and other diseases of ageing.

EDTA helps prevent the production of harmful 'Free Radicals' through elimination. Arterial disease is responsible for strokes, heart attacks, poor circulation and memory loss.

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