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High Resolution Blood Cell Morphology and The SanPharma Remedies

by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, California
Hereupon we enter a conversation unique in medical science, an area of medicine with which most doctors, at least in the U.S., are totally unfamiliar, yet an area of medicine which accounts for or strongly contributes to all disease processes except for the classic genetic diseases.

Here at last we have an explanation for and a treatment of the almost universal problem of acidification in human disease. Acidification is the basis of almost all human illness, and conversely alkalinization is the basis of almost all human health. In my opinion, this is the most meaningful and difference-making body of information in medicine. To not read every word of this conversation is to not care about one's health.

High Resolution Cell Morphology...
An understanding of the high resolution cell morpholgy is very important in grasping acidity, for it is only with this type of microscope that the causes of acidity are observable. In this kind of microscope light comes from the side of the specimen which then appears against a black background, whereas in all other light microscopes the light shines directly through the specimen from behind it. This can be compared to seeing dust particles floating in air illuminated by a source of light not aimed directly into your eyes and visible only by virtue of a dark background compared to searching in vain for those same dust particles with the source of light shining through the particles and directly into your eyes. This microscope illuminates and makes visible phenomena in human blood which cannot be seen in any other way. With addition of phase contrast capability, amost nothing escapes visualization.

The SanPharma remedies are particularly well suited to correcting conditions seen with special microscopy. These are "isopathic" remedies made from compounds derived from organisms which commonly cause human disease. They both eliminate those same organisms and train the immune system to keep them eliminated. The concept of "isospathic"is German in origin. There is nothing comparable in American medicine, even though the Germans have been on to this problem with the immune system for 35 years.

Facts of Acidity
Optimal health occurs in a slightly alkaline environment. Alkalinity is so important in blood that the body has powerful mechanisms to maintain pH between 7.25 and 7.65. If this mechanism fails death ensues in short order. The sources of acidity are: chronic infection (usually hidden - commonly gut wall infection and/or cavitations) and diet.

All infections produce acidity due to the waste products of micro-organisms. Anyone who cannot make themselves alkaline by diet alone is suspect of having a hidden infection.

The dietary contribution to acidity derives from two sources: (1) simple and refined carbohydrates and (2) animal derived foods. Simple and refined carbs are metabolized to acid byproducts quickly by the liver and the resulting acid condition must be buffered just as quickly to maintain life. The source for alkaline substances to buffer and acid load is found in the extravascular space, primarily bone. Prolonged consumption of refined and simple carbs is the major cause of osteoporosis as the bones are robbed of their minerals to maintain life.

Another source of acidity is the so-called "toxic colon." This is a type "infection,"however the infective agents are not, strictly speaking "in" the body, but rather in the lumen of the colon. To read more about this, go to colon health.

Exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic, stimulates excretion of toxins via lungs and sweat glands. Failure to exercise promotes an acid condition. Coach potatoes have a hard time remaining alkaline even with an alkaline diet. At the other extreme, people who exercise in an extreme manner (think of marathoners) produce prodigious amounts of acid and this accounts for "hitting the wall," a phenomenon marathoners experience commonly after about 19 miles of running. Exreme exercise should be avoided as much as a sedentary lifestyle.

The Presence of Organisms
Cell wall deficient bacteria (CWDs), mycoplama and fungus in blood are clear markers of chronic acidity. Not only do they denote a lifestyle which for many years has resulted in a current acid conditions, they also produce their own acid. They live in and on red and white blood cells. Their presence accounts for the many clinical cases seen in medicine of people who have adopted an excellent alkaline producing life style and yet remain chronically acid and therefore ill. Until these organisms are destroyed, recurring acidity is assured.

The body must regulate pH (pH is a measure of acidity-alkalinity) to keep the blood slightly alkaline to sustain life; therefore this acidic condition must be transferred immediately to the extravascular space (the rest of the body outside the circulation). This acid transfer supports the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses and other micro-organisms primarily on mucous membranes (the internal surfaces) — mouth, gut, vagina, respiratory tract, etc. These microbial stages in turn produce more acid. Common superficial manifestations of the fungal phases are a coated tongue, dandruff, athletes foot, chronic bronchitis, and vaginal yeast infection.

Two Common Examples of Directly Related Common Conditions
While almost every disease process is caused or accelerated by acidity, I mention only two common ones to demonstrate. Also on this list is vascular disease, cancer, arthritis, and virtually all the diseases which are not strictly determined by genetic errors. Dysbiosis

Probably the most damage is done in the GI tract where these microbial forms disrupt normal digestion and through acid production support the growth of pathogenic anaerobic bacteria, a condition known as dysbiosis. Dysbiosis further dysregulates the entire organism (the host) and stands as both a sign of the deeper internal dysregulation by the organisms (parasitic in nature) in the blood, and as a contributor of other disease processes through the production of more acid by anaerobic bacteria in the gut. Direct treatment of dysbiosis (such as bulking agents and probiotics such as acidophilus: ) does nothing more than temporarily stave off its effects. As soon as direct treatment is discontinued, the dysbiotic condition re-establishes itself due to acid production by the organisms living in, around and on red blood cells.

Yeast Syndrome
The condition popularly referred to as "Yeast Syndrome" is an outcome of this acidification of the body. Yeast Syndrome is actually a misnomer. It should be called "Mixed Organism, Primarily Fungus Including Some Variable Amount of Yeast, Syndrome." The worst thing you can do for a so-called Yeast Syndrome is treat it with an antibiotic. This kills a few organisms, but dysregulates the immune system and makes the condition even worse. And, it does nothing for the underlying condition: acidity.

It is critically important to realize that the advent of organisms and structures in/on/around blood cells does not happen rapidly and does not go away just because you change your diet and lifestyle. When you have high resolution blood cell morphology, the picture you see is the way your blood picture is going to look for at least a few weeks, whatever you do. There is no point in checking in on it again for at least another two months and then only if you are in intense therapy.

Here are my recommendations for diet. If you follow these recommendation and are still acidic, it is very likely that you have an infection, hidden or otherwise:

1. Avoid trans-fatty acids and partly hydrogenated fats ("bad fats").2. Consume some omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids every day (good fats). The proportion of these two is in hot debate, so I have no recommendations on that subject. Good source is some humus - read the labels.3. Eliminate sugar and white flour (simple and refined carbs or "bad carbs"). Rely on complex carbs (veggies) for your carbohydrate needs.4. Consume more fruits, veggies, and legumes in place of simple and refined carbs.5. If you eat bread, make it sprouted whole grain such as (and especially) Ezekiel.6. Eat only what you need to satisfy hunger. Get used to stopping when satisfied.7. Eliminate or reduce to one or two servings per week of red meat (due to saturated fats which increase the risk of cancer).8. If you use salt, use pure salt. The only brand available is called Kosher Salt.9. Eliminate or reduce to once every two weeks all sea/lake/river/water food (due to heavy metals).10. Your water source should be distilled water. Don't buy the propaganda about water. The purpose of water is cleansing and hydrating, not delivering dissolved dirt even if there are minerals in the dirt.11. Choose organic.12. Choose quality over quantity.13. If you need to loose weight, do it without drugs using the principles above combined with daily exercise.14. Read the labels of whatever processed foods you consume, whether organic or not.

A proper exercise regime is not the same for all people. Age, physical condition, condition of the heart, general state of health, and other factors must all be taken into account. If there is any doubt about any of these areas, an exercise program should be worked out with the aid of sound medical advice. However, this is not a reason not to exercise. The benefits of exercise in the area of health, longevity, vitality, and physiological changes cannot be obtained in any other way. Exercise accelerates detoxification, promotes lymph drainage, creates a mild chelating agent (lactate), boosts the immune system in measurable ways, and obviously increases stamina and strength.

Emotional and Spiritual Life
People who need emotional work typically use denial to hide that fact from themselves, as in "I'm OK until I collapse and can't move anymore." Therefore, progress in this area begins with an acknowledgment of need. Improvement of the emotional and spiritual life may require psychotherapy, consciousness training, meditation, religion, and perhaps even life changes. However, like exercise, nothing happens until you take action. When you complete this article, I suggest you click on "Basis of Spiritual Health," the mauve button in the upper right above, and follow that to its conclusion.

Avoidance of Chemical Exposures
Thanks to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries there now exist thousands of molecular structures which do not occur in nature. Preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, and drugs, artificial fertilizers are a few of these. Many of these are known and proven to be toxic to humans and animals, and many more have not been sufficiently studied for toxicity. All of them are found in tap water. They all result in acid production when introduced into the body.
While it is impossible to avoid all of these all of the time, there are steps one can take which will dramatically reduce exposure. Grow your own food or buy only organic. Drink only distilled water. Live by the ocean or get an air filter system. Choose orthomolecular therapy over pharmaceuticals.

SanPharma Remedies
If you change to a healthier lifestyle, you may or may not see immediate benefits in the way your feel, but the deeper changes — in what one would call the fundamental constitution — happen very slowly. The conditions which support the aforementioned organisms and structures do not change rapidly where they actually life - the red blood cells. Also, remember, they produce their own environment: acid. This is where the SanPharma remedies are useful. These are so called "isopathic remedies" and work by reducing organisms and structures to their non-pathogenic state in which the body's immune system can take care of them naturally.
The rate at which this transformation can happen is limited by the Herxheimer reaction (see below) and can be induced with the SanPharma remedies when combined with diet and lifestyle changes typically within 6-9 months. With diet and life style changes alone it can take many years. What you get for your patience is not only freedom from disease, but a new constitution and a new level of vitality (see also below).

The remedies developed by the German scientist Dr. Guenther Enderlein and his associates have been used for decades with great success in Germany and have recently been approved by the FDA for use in the United States. They are manufactured in isopathic preparations which are labeled "homeopathic" due to FDA regulations. However, these are not traditional homeopathic remedies. The FDA did not have "isopathic" in its vocabulary, so it plugged in something which sounded similar: "homeopathic." Isopathy is not homeopathy. These preparations work systemically (on the whole body) although their effectiveness can be enhanced by local application.

Because these remedies promote healthy cell metabolism and hormonal balance, the body's internal environment experiences profound changes that benefit the entire constitution. Therefore, when treating illness, combinations of different SanPharma products as well as natural products (enzymes, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, etc.) produced by other companies are often used to restore the internal symbiosis required for good health.

The Herxheimer Reaction
One note of caution: the SanPharma remedies are not "feel good" medicines. The breaking down of acid producing organisms releases a lot of toxic material and as you get permanently better you feel temporarily worse. This has been described first by the German physician Karl Herxheimer and is known as the Herxheimer reaction. It is up to the doctor who prescribes the SanPharma remedies to bring you along at a pace you can tolerate. Too much treatment too fast will make you so ill you will not be able to continue. The toxic material which is released must be excreted by kidneys, liver, sweat glands, etc. Your doctor may see fit to prescribe drainage formulas to help specific organs detox more easily if you have weakness in one or more areas. The total load of acid producing micro-organism can ordinarily be eliminated within a few months if diet and lifestyle issues are also dealt with effectively. Along the way, you can rejoice in the Herxheimer reaction and know that it is working when you feel not exactly right.

Constitution and Vitality
Doctors have recognized for centuries, perhaps millennia that people possess an enduring quality they have designated "constitution" which lends whatever degree of vitality and resistance to disease one possesses. Until now doctors had no idea about the source of constitution and assigned it to a category one could call "what's so." Since the development of genetics as a science "what's so" has been translated to "inherited vitality" or "inherited constitution." Now we fully understand that it is in not entirely genetic, but is rather an expression of micro-organisms present on mucous membranes and in the blood in relationship to the immune system. In dealing with almost any disease which relates to the immune system, in my opinion, whatever therapy you choose will not work very well until you have dealt with this problem.

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