Friday, August 08, 2008

Dr. Josef Issel's Whole Body Therapy

A pioneer in alternative cancer treatment, Josef Issels, MD, of Germany, achieved remarkable remissions, even in advanced cases, through combination of therapies designed to shrink the tumor and repair the body's defense mechanisms. His "whole body" approach included anticancer vaccines, an anticancer diet emphasizing organic raw foods, and fever therapy to stimulate immune function. He also used a variety of methods to rebuild the immune system and change the body's biochemistry to eliminate an evironment favorable for the development of cancer.

Occasionally he also used very-low-dose chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and ozone therapy in combination with immunotherapy. He prescribed organ extracts to repair damage to organs and improve their functioning. He also administered organ-specific RNA and DNA, proteolytic enzymes to destroy the protein coat surrounding tumors, as well as vitamins and minerals to strengthen the body's enzyme activity. He recommended his patients to have the infected teeth and/or tonsils, and metallic (especially mercury amalgams) fillings removed, because he felt these could have unfavorable effect on immune system. His program also includes psychotherapy to deal with the emotional factors that he felt could hinder recovery.

Dr. Issels gave patients a "fever shot" once a month to raise the body temperature as high as 105 F. He induced active fever with the ethical drug Pyrifer, made from specially treated coli bacteria. He induced passive fever by means of hyperthermia: the patient was placed inside a cylinder containing electrodes that bombarded his or her body with ultra short waves.

He tried to motivate the cancer patients to take on full time struggle against cancer. As one unusual example, his cancer patients were routed out of their beds to do light mountain climbing in the Bavarian Alps. The patients also participated in a daily exercise that included jogging.

Two independent studies - one at King's college Hospital in London, the other at the University of Leyden in Holland - confirmed that about 17 percent of Issel's terminal patients led normal, cancer-free lives for at least five years. Their life expectancy upon admission had been less than one year.

In 50s and 60s the German medical establishment was nowhere near as liberal as now. It boycotted and isolated Dr. Issels. Finally, the German medical authorities leveled trumped-up charges of fraud and manslaughter against Issels, and in 1960, Issels was imprisoned in a cell block containing only convicted murderers. Eventually, however, Dr. Issels was acquitted of all charges. Continue Reading >>

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